Spanish activists in February.(Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty Images)

• Pro-Palestinian activists are preparing a Gaza flotilla twice the size of last year’s to sail around the Memorial Day of anniversary. [AP/WP]

• As the Syrian regime’s violence against its people continued, the United States prepared to institute limited sanctions. [LAT]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu is heading to London and Paris next week to counter support for unilateral Palestinian statehood. [AP/WP]

• There’s another virus in Iran’s defense computer system. This one’s called Stars, and they claim to be on top of it. [NYT]

• For the second time this year, an Egyptian natural gas pipeline was blown up, shorting supplies to Israel. [NYT]

• One Israeli was killed and another three injured when they surreptitiously, and without advance notice, visited Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank and were shot at by Palestinian policemen. The act was condemned, but is not being seen as an act of terrorism. [NYT]