Rabbi Richard Jacobs.(Union for Reform Judaism)

• Hamas’ leadership in Damacus is at knife’s edge with the regime due to its failure to clearly take its side in the current nationwide upheaval, and is likely moving to Qatar. [NYT]

• Meanwhile, Syrian authorities have gone on something of an arresting spree. [NYT]

• After signing the unity agreement with Fatah—which is supposed to happen tomorrow—Hamas said it will abide by a ceasefire. [AP/Haaretz]

• Only a week or two after a religious Jew was shot without pre-clearing a trip to Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank, a visit today ended in riots. [JTA]

• The American Reform movement is facing significant, public dissent from members who feel that the selection of Rabbi Richard Jacobs as new head signals the movement’s further retrenchment “into an affiliate of the Democratic party,” in the words of one. [JTA]

• In the Arab world, Osama Bin Laden was seen, after his death, primarily as a relic of an earlier era. [NYT]