MP Irwin Cotler, one of the few Jewish Liberals left standing.(Irwin Cotler)

On Tuesday, Canada’s Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, achieved its first parliamentary majority since the 1980s. It won 167 of 308 seats, trounced the Liberals (led by prominent American Canadian intellectual Michael Ignatieff, they came in a distant third to the National New Democratic Party), and held the Bloc Québécois to four seats (a far cry from the power it was once predicted they would achieve in the Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment).

Throughout his previous term, Harper hammered his the Liberals for alleged anti-Israel positions in an effort to pull more votes from the generally Liberal-favoring, 350,000-strong Jewish community. And it appears to have worked: The Conservatives held several seats and even won some more in heavily Jewish districts, including ones in which the incumbent Liberals were Jews (two of these went down to Jewish Tories). Even Liberal Irwin Cotler, probably the highest-profile Jewish politician in Canada—who represents Montreal’s Mont Royal neighborhood—escaped only with the closest victory of his career.

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