Amr Moussa (R) with Hamas’s leader and deputy leader.(Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images)

• Amr Moussa, likely Egypt’s next president, predicted Muslim Brotherhood dominance of the parliament and pledged to move away from Hosni Mubarak’s cooperative stance toward Israel. [WSJ]

• Without actually changing all that much, the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal signed yesterday has made everything in the region feel a little more time-sensitive. [NYT]

• Syrian troops are removing the siege of the southern city of Daraa, but deploying to the northern city of Banias. [AP/WP]

• Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, the man who insisted Tony Kushner not be given a CUNY honorary doctorate, tries to explain himself. The results are predictably embarrassing. [NYT]

• Arthur Laurents, the man who wrote the books for (and at times directed) West Side Story and Gypsy, died at 93. [NYT]

• “Oy. Not good.” –neoconservative pundit John Podhoretz reacting to last night’s Republican presidential “debate.” Presumably he didn’t like Ron Paul’s call to end all foreign aid? [Commentary]