An anti-government demonstration Wednesday in Banias, Syria.(-/AFP/Getty Images)

• In the wake of a major crackdown, in which hundreds were arrested, tens of thousands of Syrians nonetheless took to the streets. [WP]

• Harold Bloom, Michael Cunningham, and others are returning their CUNY honorary degrees in protest. [Facebook]

• Though I’m not sure I share all his conclusions, Daniel Levy makes valuable points about how reconciliation represents a heightening of contradictions on all sides and about Egypt’s centrality to all this. [Guardian]

• Considering Dr. Gisella Perl, an Orthodox Jewish obstetrician who performed over 3,000 abortions … in Auschwitz. [Failed Messiah/JI Daily]

• A Haredi newspaper Photoshops Hillary Clinton out of the famous Situation Room photograph. [Circus Tent]

• Dan Snyder is the Devil, in cartoon form. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Again, R.I.P. Arthur Laurents, who wrote the dialogue in this scene, and directed it to boot.