Jason Marquis pitching last month, cheered on by the throngs of Nats fans.(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

• In the wake of the Bin Laden killing, President Obama will initiate renewed outreach to the Muslim world, complete with another Big Speech. It’s unclear whether he will also engage intensely in the Palestinian question. [WSJ]

• Aluf Benn argues that Obama successfully made it far more difficult for Israel to take military action against Iran’s nuclear weapons program. [Haaretz]

• Rep. Anthony Weiner in full. [Moment]

• The Ground Zero Islamic center, post-Bin Laden. [Capital]

• Gadi Taub prescribes “mutual unilateralism” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [TNR]

• The Washington Nationals’ Jason Marquis became only the fifth Jewish pitcher to win 100 games in the Major League. Mazel! [Jewish Baseball News]

The Daily visits Larry King’s new Beverly Hills bagel joint, which uses proprietary technology to “Brooklynize” the water used in the boiling process.