Jennie Ripps and Max Brockman.(NYT)

Each Monday, we choose the most interestingy Jewish Weddings/Celebrations announcement in the New York Times. This week, Jennie Ripps and Max Brockman (who appeared not to have a religous ceremony but were married by one Judge Melvyn Tanenbaum, so, y’know, close enough) take home the prize because each has a parent that has written or writes something that, it seems, could only be written by a Jew. The bridgegroom’s father is the proprietor of Edge.org (“Conversations on the edge of human knowledge”), which the Times describes as “an online journal that focuses on discussions of science and other intellectual pursuits” (he is also the head of the family literary agency). The bride’s mother, meanwhile, authored a book, You’re Grounded Forever … But First, Let’s Go Shopping: The Challenges Mothers Face With Their Daughters and Ten Timely Solutions, which, I mean. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Jennie Ripps, Max Brockman