Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, yesterday evening.(Ynet)

• President Obama’s AIPAC speech yesterday appeared to sate the Netanyahu government (and the prime minister himself took a nice walk along the Potomac with his wife). [WP]

• Meanwhile, also in response to the speeches, President Abbas doubled down on his new alliance with Hamas. [Ynet]

• The Golan Heights, from the perspective of its 20,000 or so Druze inhabitants. [NYT]

• A profile of top administration adviser Dennis Ross, generally seen as Israel’s best friend in the White House. [NYT]

• Roger Cohen stands by Obama. [NYT]

• For the second time this month, masked men shot and killed a suspected Israeli collaborator in the West Bank—generally a rarity under the Abbas/Fayyad regime. [Reuters/Vos Iz Neias?]