• President Abbas said Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech yesterday left “nothing we can build on,” and that he would continue the U.N. statehood push in the absence of a peace process. Therefore … . [Reuters/Haaretz]

• Contributing editor Jeff Goldberg reminds us that the Palestinians, not the Israelis, are the ones who get to wait out the clock. [Bloomberg View]

• Some Democrats are questioning even President Obama’s Mideast stance. This does not, however, including the Jewish head of the Democratic National Committee, and mainly includes anonymous people. [WP]

• Thomas Friedman has the solution to the impasse, in his Friedman-y way. [NYT]

• An official in Pakistan’s military intelligence expressly condoned the targeting of the Chabad house in the 2008 Mumbai massacre. [ProPublica]

• Dana Milbank watches Bibi with his daughter’s Israeli au pair. (It actually sorta works.) [WP]