Jill Abramson.(NYT)

• Tablet Magazine would like to welcome the other daily magazine of Jewish life and culture to the ranks of publications run by Jewish ladies. [Jewish Journal]

• Individual Holocaust survivors who are still seeking benefits from insurance polices find themselves at odds with major Jewish groups and the U.S. government, which considers Germany’s 2000 reparations the final word. [NYT]

• Laura Rozen reports on the Ofer Brothers case, in which a leading Israeli company has been accused by the United States of violating sanctions against Iran, and notes it carries “faint echoes of Iran contra.” [The Envoy]

• An interesting look at the technical advances Iran’s purported nuclear weapons program has made concludes that at some point Israel will likely intervene to stop it. [NYRB]

• Joshua Cohen (who will be joining us for Bloomsday) talks about his newest novel a novel of his that has been reissued. [Aspen Public Radio]

• Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, gives a great interview. [Jewcy]

Coldplay endorsed a song called “Freedom for Palestine,” and, like every other one of their songs, it could maybe have made it onto Pablo Honey, and no more.