I need to tell you who this is?(Wikipedia)

• Awesome, awesome article about the lost (and found), famous letter from George Washington to the Jews of Rhode Island. [Forward]

• In the morning, we thought that almost the entire GOP presidential field would be attending Glenn Beck’s rally in Jerusalem. Now, we know that almost none of them are. Don’t worry, though, Joe Lieberman probably is! [HuffPo]

• Of the Awl essay I linked to yesterday, Jeff Goldberg writes, convincingly, that the author “seems to have exchanged one simplistic narrative for another.” [Goldblog]

Israel HaYom, Sheldon Adelson’s Israeli tabloid, now has an English-language version. [Israel HaYom]

• “Regional developments” including Palestinian reconciliation and the crisis next-door in Syria have prompted the Turkish group IHH, which led last year’s flotilla, to consider dropping out of this year’s. The flotilla itself is still scheduled for the end of this month. [JPost]

• Natalie had a baby. It’s a boy! [JTA]

A helpful, brief video biography of Washington. You may learn a few interesting facts about him.