The Mavi Marmara under escort on May 31, 2010.(Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

• The navy is telling journalists that it will again use force to enforce the Gaza blockade and stop this year’s flotilla. [NYT]

• That flotilla will officially not include IHH, the Turkish group which headlined last year’s, which pulled out due to technical reasons. [JPost]

• The fullest write-up yet of the U.S.-led efforts to re-start peace talks to try to head off a U.N. statehood vote in September. [WSJ]

• The first rocket was launched from Gaza in two months. It landed in an empty field. [JPost]

• Syria is far more divided by sects than Egypt. But its protests are also lasting much longer, giving the different groups more time to overcome their differences (maybe). [NYT]

• Oh, laaaaaadies. Mel Gibson is single and back on the market again … . [Page Six]