Palestinians protesting the International Red Cross in Gaza City.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

• Hamas rejected a request made by the International Red Cross to provide proof that 24-year-old Israeli captive Gilad Shalit is still alive. Shalit, who was captured June 2005, was last seen in a September 2009 video. [Haaretz]

• In response to Hamas’ refusal to let the Red Cross visit Shalit, Netanyahu announced that prisoners in Israeli jails would face tougher conditions, losing privileges such as educational coursework opportunities. “We will give them all that they deserve according to international law but nothing beyond that,” he said. [Haaretz]

• Apple has removed the “Third Intifada” app from its iPad and iPhone app stores, following a complaint from Israel’s information minister (among others). [Ynet]

• Some Modern Orthodox teens are keeping what has become known as “half Shabbos;” that is, observing Shabbat but still texting their way through the day of rest. Texted greetings of “gd Shbs” have replaced the more traditional, wordy “Good Shabbos.” Kids these days. [The Jewish Week]

• Greece’s foreign ministry urged Greek citizens and ships not to take part in the Gaza-bound flotilla soon to depart from Athens. [JTA]

• Contributing editor Mayim Bialik has 7301 ‘fans’ of her official Facebook page. You go, girl! [Facebook]

We are saddened to report the tragic death of Nextbook Press social media manager Margarita Korol’s 14-year-old brother, Eli. Donations may be made in memory of Eli, who was a budding engineer, to the Union of Concerned Scientists. [Margarita Korol]