Secretary of State Clinton in Washington, D.C., yesterday.(Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

• Its U.N. envoy pledged the Palestinian Authority would take some sort of action at the United Nations in September regardless of the status of negotiations. [AP/WP]

• That said, the P.A. also expressed willingness to enter talks even without a settlement freeze, a recognition of their weakened position. [AP/WP]

• The Hamas-Fatah honeymoon really does seem to be winding to a rapid close. [JPost]

• Secretary of State Clinton said the flotilla that plans to sail for Gaza soon is not “necessary or useful.” [Ynet]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son, 19, has posted fairly nasty things about Arabs and Muslims on his Facebook page. At least there were no crotch-shots! [AP/WP]

• Glenn Beck will visit Auschwitz and broadcast from nearby. This will end well. [TPM/Vos Iz Neias?]