A pro-flotilla demonstration outside the U.S. embassy in Greece, last week.(Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty Images)

• The U.N. Security Council will meet next week to discuss alleged Syrian nuclear violations. While sanctions are unlikely, it’s still fairly significant. [AP/WP]

• Egypt may now postpone September’s parliamentary elections, which is perceived as likely help newer and more secular parties and harm the Muslim Brotherhood. [WSJ]

• Thwarted on the flotilla, hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists plan to fly in to Ben Gurion Friday and launch protests. [Haaretz]

• Recent demolitions call into question Israel’s plans for the Jordan Valley, which it wants for its future security but which most people’s plans for a two-state solution would put in Palestine. [WP]

• Both Israeli and Palestinian security forces are already preparing for massive demonstrations at home come September, no matter what actually happens in Turtle Bay. [AP/WP]

• The transfer of the bodies of 84 Palestinian terrorists was postponed on the grounds that they could be leverage in a deal for Gilad Shalit. [AP/WP]