Ex-Mossad head Dagan and Prime Minister Netanyahu in January.(Ronen Zvulun/AFP/Getty Images)

• Jeff Goldberg argues that while former Mossad chief Meir Dagan knows Prime Minister Netanyahu all too well, his public insistences that the Iranian nuclear threat is overhyped leave Israel in a weaker position. [Bloomberg View]

• John Podhoretz argues that the new Gallup poll’s finding that President Obama is likely to retain most Jewish voters isn’t the story; the story is the potential for the GOP candidate to attract Jewish donations. [Contentions]

• Christopher Hitchens wants to know if the flotilla participants support Hamas, and if not, then why they are onboard. [Slate]

•For neo-Nazis, black is the new shaved-head-and-swastika-tattoo. [Ynet]

• Harold von Braunhut, the crazy guy who brought us Sea Monkeys, was a neo-Nazi sympathizer. And born and raised Jewish. [The Awl]

• Michael Landon’s crypto-Judaism. [Religion Dispatches]

Did everyone put in beach time this weekend?