President Abbas last month.(Thaer Ganaim/PPO via Getty Images)

• Syrian troops are (re)invading the restive city of Hama. [LAT]

• President Abbas has formally postponed the Palestinian unity government. [AP/Haaretz]

• A write-up of the recent efforts to heal the Israeli-Turkish relationship. [NYT]

• The question gripping Israel right now: Should there be a full two-day weekend? And it should the second day be Friday or Sunday? (Guys, do it, trust me on this.) [NYT]

• Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat insisted that a September U.N. vote still made sense even if the peace process has been rekindled. [Haaretz]

• The chief U.N. nuclear inspector said he was “quite concerned” over Iran’s decision to triple uranium enrichment. [Reuters/Haaretz]