Oslo today.(Roald Berit/AFP/Getty Images)

• An attack that combined bombs and shooting (at a kids’ camp, no less) has killed at least 16 in Oslo. It is not yet clear who did it. [AP/Boston Globe]

• U.N. nuclear inspectors got nowhere in talks with Syria over the facility, allegedly an illicit reactor, that Israel destroyed in 2007. [AP/WP]

• Adam Kredo has the most comprehensive breakdown of J Street’s new poll on American Jews’ attitudes toward Obama. [Washington Jewish Week]

• Archaeologists are making major strides in unearthing the ancient city of Shekhem in what is now the West Bank. [WP]

Myra Kraft’s funeral was held. [Providence Journal]

• Speaking to the group, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren compared Christians United for Israel to Righteous Gentiles. [Arutz Sheva]

• A new, peer-reviewed, scholarly article finds that the media disproportionately focus coverage on Israel. [Contentions]

• Eli Valley’s latest has a helluva punch line. [Forward]

• How a pilfered painting by the Jewish artist Amedeo Modigliani led to the capture of a Serbian war crimes suspect. [ArtInfo]

• Bartenura wine can be seen in Drake’s latest video. Um, gross! [Heeb]

• The former longtime American Jewish Committee representative in Washington, D.C., impeccably named Hyman Bookbinder, died at 95. [JTA]

An homage to black-Jewish couplings and offspring (and, more implicitly, a celebration of Los Angeles).