Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday.(Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)

• Prime Minister Netanyahu has reportedly agreed to restart the peace talks on the understanding that the 1967 cease-fire line is the basis for land negotiations which is to say, the position President Obama articulated in May. [AP/Yahoo!]

• On Wednesday, the Arab League is expected to endorse a plan to bring Palestinian statehood to the U.N. Security Council in September, which would amount to a dare for the United States to veto it (a dare which the U.S. will almost certainly accept). [Haaretz]

• Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged Oslo mass-murderer, apparently had gotten plastic surgery to make himself look more Aryan. Dude, you were born Nordic, be happy with it! [Ynet]

• Contributing editor Jeff Goldberg catches a Republican congressman and prominent evangelical Zionist standing next to David HaIvri, a former leader of the incredibly ultra-right-wing Israeli Kach Party. [Goldblog]

• Speaking of whom, Hussein Ibish offers a General Theory of Goldberg. [Ibishblog]

• Given that Aluf Benn is becoming the new editor of Haaretz, it would be nice to get a succinct summation of his political views. Good thing he published a Times op-ed Saturday! Basically: Israel is in a strong position, but it is contingent on U.S. backing, which Bibi needs to work harder for. [NYT]

Randy Moss announced his retirement today. I was never a fan of any of this teams, but he revolutionized the wide receiver position. Set aside several minutes and watch this: