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The plot thickens! Having been arrested yesterday under suspicion that she engaged criminals to threaten and extort money from her former manager, Israeli singer Margalit Tzanani, one of the judges in Kochav Nolad, is now suspected also of trying to rig the popular singing contest—the country’s equivalent of American Idol—in favor of her favorite contestants. She’s also accused of threatening Natan Zahavi, a popular radio broadcaster, who spoke unkindly of Tzanani on his show. She was transferred to the Neveh Tirzeh women’s prison, where she will stay for the next six days as the police conclude its investigation.

Which leaves me with a small but heartfelt question for my native land: Really?!? Even a freakin’ televised singing competition has to end up with corruption, scandal, police, mobsters, allegations, and drama? You couldn’t just, you know, focus on the pretty voices? Seriously?!? Let’s forget about the peace process, then, and the settlements, and the hundreds of thousands demanding social justice in the streets. Let’s begin by reforming the easiest and most malleable of realms: reality TV.

Singer Margalit Tzanani Jailed on Suspicion of Sending Mob Soldiers to Threaten Her Manager [Haaretz]
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