• Bernard Madoff’s lawyers have asked for a 12 year sentence for their client—just short of life, as actuarial tables suggest the 71-year-old has 13 more years. [NYT]
• Richard Nixon told Billy Graham that the Jews may have “a death wish,” what with the history of persecution and all, according to newly released secret White House tapes. [NYT]
• Lesley Hughes, a former political candidate in Winnipeg, is suing the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai B’rith Canada for ruining her career by alleging she was anti-Semitic based on a 2002 statement that Israelis were spared from the 9/11 attacks because of secret intelligence. [JTA]
• Israel has postponed a meeting between P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. envoy George Mitchell in order to take more time to mull over the settlement problem. [AP]