Prime Minister Netanyahu pledges retaliation earlier today.(GPO via Getty Images)

• Israel responded to the attacks today—the deadliest in more than two years for Israel—with airstrikes in Gaza. [NYT]

• Israel has gotten mighty close to the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, which just so happens to sit on Iran’s northern border. [UPI]

• Nevin Shapiro, who is currently doing time for a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, was as a booster behind several extremely improper, illicit, and even illegal activities at the University of Miami’s football program. [Yahoo! Sports]

• There is reason to doubt that there will be many Palestinian protests come September. [Reuters]

• Knowing it won’t secure a General Assembly majority, Israel is instead trying to put together a group of 60-70 countries, with an emphasis on European powers, to oppose non-negotiated Palestinian independence. [Ynet]

• The problem with negotiated land-swaps is they don’t necessarily account for the people on the ground. How about mutually-agreed referenda? [Boston Globe The Angle]

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