The Rick Perry Mezuzah (next to a standard four-inch mezuzah).(Mezuzah Store)

Thanks to a law signed by Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry as well as the ingeniousness of the Mezuzah Store, a more than two-foot-long mezuzah made out of a single piece of Jerusalem stone can be yours for only $999—scroll not included.

Following complaints that condominiums were banning the display of large ones, Texas passed (under Perry’s signature) a law that codified the right to bear mezuzot up to a certain size. While a standard mezuzah—the one you probably have—is four inches long, Texas’ so-called Mezuzah Law protects all mezuzot up to 25 inches. And yet the one-of-a-kind Rick Perry Mezuzah is 26 inches long: a statement, and a dare. This is, after all, Texas.

“It can, of course, accommodate any size Mezuzah scroll.” That sounds like another dare. We put it to you, Mezuzah Store: can you craft a Mezuzah big enough to hold The Scroll?

The Rick Perry Mezuzah [Mezuzah Store]