• “Someone had described this job as a punching bag job, that people are going to be having their screaming fits first before signing up for team Obama.” Ladies and gentlemen, the Obama administration’s director of Jewish outreach! [Washington Jewish Week]

• The Torah-thieving “Jewish Indiana Jones” is apprehended (because questing after the Ark of the Covenant isn’t Jewish enough?). [AP/WP]

• A rocket fired from Gaza injured a woman in … Egypt. A misfire? Or something far weirder and more interesting? [Reuters/Jewish Journal]

• Tablet Magazine contributor Benny Morris says that the 30-plus year Israeli-Egyptian peace is either already dead or getting there. [The National Interest]

• Rep. Eric Cantor hurried back from Israel after the earthquake struck his district. [Washington Jewish Week miJEWtiae]

• Meet the only Jewish student at Baltimore’s historically black Morgan State University. [New York Jewish Week]

Got one minute? You can see every outfit Cher Horowitz wears in Clueless.