Egyptian tanks in the Sinai earlier this month.(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

• Israel plans to permit Egypt to station troops in Sinai, to keep the peace and prevent it from being a launching ground for attacks on Israel, like last week. Sinai was basically demilitarized by the countries’ peace treaty. [Haaretz]

• Israel had intelligence about last Thursday’s attacks, but Defense Minister Barak refused a preemptive strike on the attackers. [Haaretz/Forward]

• A new WikiLeaks dump reveals that in early 2009 U.S. diplomats were telling the administration that Prime Minister Netanyahu is more pragmatist than ideologue, and that he was keeping all options open on the peace process. [Haaretz]

• President Ahmadinejad advocates a one-state solution, to put it mildly. [AP/WP]

• China announced it would support full Palestinian statehood at the United Nations next month. [AP/Reuters/Haaretz]

• Casey Ribicoff, wife of former Sen. Abraham and a towering figure in New York society, died at 88. [NYT]