Ford in Syria with a U.S. military officer in June.(Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty Images)

• U.S. ambassador Robert Ford was attacked by a pro-Assad gang last week in Damascus. [Foreign Policy]

• The father of Leiby Kletzky sued Levi Aron, who has confessed to murdering the eight-year-old Hasidic boy, for $100 million. [Daily News/Failed Messiah]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted the U.N.’s flotilla report to be postponed six months. Instead, it’s due to drop Friday. [Haaretz]

• Eli Valley has a tremendous, personal comic about growing up with a single mother’s cooking (or lack thereof). [Saveur]

• Mel Brooks frets about the preponderance of non-Jewish comedians. “We’ll go back to prizefighting.” [The Daily Beast]

• Israel wants to be a prime location for Hollywood shoots, and it is enacting the tax incentives to get it done. [AP/Haaretz]