(NYT City Room)

• Zabar’s Zabster Zalad does not contain lobster, because it instead contains crawfish. It also does not contain zabster, because there is no such thing. [NYT City Room]

• Several prominent Muslim-Americans, led by Reps. Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, have written to Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal “to repel the evil deed”—the occupation and so forth—“with one that is better” and release Gilad Shalit. [Ben Smith]

• Word is Meshaal heads to Cairo this weekend to discuss releasing Shalit. [Ynet]

• Joseph Goebbels’ wartime secretary, now 100, finally talks about her old boss. She “can’t believe” he murdered his children. He did other bad things too, y’know! [Bild/Daily Mail]

• Gaza NGOs criticized Hamas’ draconian new rules regulating members’ movement. [Haaretz]

• Hurricane Irene took its toll on Jews. [JTA]

Evidence from the JTA Jewish News Archive suggests Michael Jackson learned the moonwalk from the great French-Jewish mime Marcel Marceau. Here is one of his most famous routines, “The Maskmaker.” Be sure to turn the sound up.