Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu speaks today about the expulsion.(Adem Altan/AFP/Getty Images)

• Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador and downgraded diplomatic ties to the lowest level because Israel still has not apologized for the flotilla raid. This comes a day after the U.N. report leaked, which recommended that Israel express regret (as opposed to apologize). [NYT]

• Iran is moving some of its most important nuclear fuel-making to a secret underground bunker. It also declared that its production would exceed its needs for a small research reactor, which sounds ominous. [NYT]

• The European Union plans to place an embargo on all Syrian oil exports. [AP/WP]

• An Iranian lawmaker spoke up against his country’s continued backing of the Assad regime, in a sign that even that regime’s strongest, most important supporter may be waning. [LAT]

• Many younger Israelis, faced with some degree of uncertainty about their country’s future, are seeking EU passports. Bogus trend story of the week, or for-real? [AP/WP]

• Turkey will station a U.S. radar as part of an anti-Iran missile defense system. [WSJ]