Jennifer L. McCann(Andrea Morales/NYT)

Jennifer L. McCann is defending Levi Aron, the accused and confessed murderer of the eight-year-old Hasidic boy Leiby Kletzky. The 30-year-old Catholic Long Islander, a fish-out-of-water amid Kletzky’s (and Aron’s) insular Borough Park, Brooklyn, community, has already stepped in her share of puddles. Attempting to explain the adversarial system of justice, for instance, McCann compared her client to a drunk driver in that he, too, is entitled to representation—an analogy that rang both true and off-key.

McCann hints that the insanity defense is in the offing (which should certainly resonate to anyone who has read Aron’s jailhouse interview). But judging by this exchange, she should hope for a jury that is not composed of Aron’s Lubavitcher peers: “In her trial preparations, she has learned about the Hasidic community in Borough Park and has also learned a new word,” reports the New York Times. “‘Shiska,’ Ms. McCann said, mispronouncing the Yiddish word, shiksa, for a non-Jewish woman.”

Ironically, mispronouncing Yiddish words is one thing that makes shiksas so totally hot.

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