Tony Blair and President Abbas last week.(Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images)

• Quartet envoy Tony Blair and Obama adviser Dennis Ross are in the Mideast in a last-ditch effort to avoid a U.N. move, theoretically through re-starting talks. Prognosis negative. [Daily Beast]

• Former President Jimmy Carter on what should happen following the likely U.N. status upgrade. [NYT]

• The 18-year-old Palestinian convicted of murdering the five Fogel family members was sentenced to five consecutive life-sentences. He expressed no regret. [Ynet]

• A half-Arab, half-Jewish woman provokes basically a bomb squad for riding on an airplane on 9/11 while looking Mideastern. [The Atlantic James Fallows]

• Diamonds are the Jews’ best friend. [TNR The Book]

• Faceglat: kosher Facebook. (Faceplant.) [The Telegraph]

Danny Ayalon reports (with cartoons). You decide?