Gaza City, Gaza, earlier this week.(Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Palestinian Authority’s pledge to take its statehood bid to the U.N. Security Council, and just generally the whole maneuvering, doesn’t really account for Gaza or its Hamas leadership. [AP/WP]

• How do you say “wusses” in French? Apple pulled the “Jew or not Jew” application from France. The Anti-Defamation League finds nothing wrong with the app, by the way. [CNN Belief Blog]

• Fifty-eight House Democrats signed a letter proclaiming support for Israel and condemning unilateral Palestinian actions. Naturally, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor refused to sign it. [Ben Smith]

• Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon predicted that between 50 and 70 U.N. member-states would oppose a Palestinian resolution. [Washington Times]

• Israel is getting in on that crazy Swiss-French atomic supercollider. [AP/WP]

• New report points to broader, structural reasons why the United States and Israel are drifting apart. [Haaretz Focus U.S.A.]

• Famed New York political consultant Hank Sheinkopf is now an Orthodox rabbi. [NY Jewish Week Political Insider]

• The problems inherent in dividing Jerusalem. [City Journal]

• Dude, Moses was so high! [Mind Hacks]

New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner finds himself in potentially dicey ethical territory. [Mondoweiss]

• Mile End will cater your break fast. [Mile End]

The last video of Amy Winehouse is going to end up being this, for a duet she did with Tony Bennett. (Gay Talese wrote about Bennett’s collaboration with Lady Gaga for the same album this week.)