Sheldon Adelson in June.(Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images)

• Israelis are chafing at the massive influence foreign Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Ronald Lauder are able to exert there through media and money. [Forward]

• Congratulations, Tzipi Livni, you can travel to London again! [AP/WP]

• Prime Egyptian presidential candidate and former Arab League head Amr Moussa called the Israeli peace treaty “untouchable.” From his lips … . [Ynet]

New York on Judy Miller, Tablet Magazine’s new theater critic. [NYMag]

• Thanks to a new visa-free travel agreement, the number of Israeli pilgrims to Rev Nachman’s tomb in Ukraine is expected to double. [Ynet/Failed Messiah]

• The appeals court struck down Agriprocessors honcho Sholom Rubashkin’s request for a new trial. [JTA]

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