• Eli Valley has written/drawn the best Amy Winehouse obituary there is. [Forward]

• Sorry for all the Rick Perry stuff today, but this article’s important: Despite extensive ties to Israel, the Texas governor has had real trouble—at least in part because of his strong, public religiosity—cultivating Jewish support stateside. [Politico]

• New reports suggest Jonathan Pollard approached Australia about spying for it before he began his work for Israel. If true, it sorta calls his motives into question (and those weren’t great to begin with). [Ynet]

• The campaign launches a new blog. [Jewish Americans for Obama]

• Iran went on the offensive today at the International Atomic Energy Agency, accusing Israel of assassinating many of its top nuclear scientists. [AP/WP]

• This story about a thief trying to fence a Hasid’s hat is actually a Jackie Mason routine, and nobody can convince me otherwise. [NY Post]

The Emmys provided just the latest instance of the horrible abuse of “Hallelujah.” Let’s go back to the original.