Prime Minister Netanyahu with GOP leaders in May.(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

• Prime Minister Netanyahu’s blocking back in the U.S. Congress is the Republican caucus. [NYT]

• Diplomats are working to craft an apparatus whereby the Palestinian resolution would be postponed in the U.N. Security Council, in order to allow for direct talks to resume. [LAT]

• The remaining hikers in Iran were released. [Yahoo! The Envoy]

• The Obama campaign had a massive conference call yesterday in order to begin its efforts to shore up the Jewish vote. [WP The Plum Line]

• Iran’s ambassador hewed closer to the Hamas line on President Abbas’ plans, declaring U.N. recognition merely one step toward eliminating Israel. [Investigative Project on Terrorism via Ben Smith]

• Turkey has joined sanctions against Syria and is on the verge of erasing relations with its neighbor. [Ynet]