Presidents Sarkozy and Obama at the Waldorf last night.(Aaron Showalter-Pool/Getty Images)

• Even before his speech yesterday, President Obama’s diplomatic initiatives to head off a Palestinian resolution had likely failed. Now, boxed in partly by domestic politics, he watches as Europe—particularly France—steps in to play an unusually large role in the region. [NYT]

• This is the moment that will define Mahmoud Abbas’ legacy. [NYT]

• An exhibit of photgraphs of children from around the world opened at Park51, otherwise known as the Ground Zero mosque—which is to say, it opened—to little fanfare or protest. [Forward]

• The TV and radio host Shelly Yacimovich won the Labor Partly leadership. [AP/WP]

• Lars von Trier clarified that he is not sorry for his remark at Cannes identifying with Hitler, only for not making it clear he was joking. [NYT ArtsBeat]

• Judging by the troop buildup, Syrian protesters are due for a new crackdown. [DPA/Haaretz]