You thought you would never see the day.(Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

• President Abbas has never been as popular with the Palestinian people as he is now following his defiant U.N. speech and submission of a resolution for full membership. [NYT]

• Indeed, his actions last week could be seen as a paradigm shift, wherein moderate Palestinians abandon an Oslo-esque stance of (at least posing as) trying to negotiate in favor of confrontation. [WSJ]

• Egyptian authorities seized anti-aircraft missiles in Sinai that were headed for Gaza—perhaps a sign that the government knows it’s in its own interest to crack down and ensure Israel’s security. [JPost]

• The Times ombudsman explores Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner’s alleged conflict of interest due to his (now ex-) speaking agent, finding an appearance of conflict but not an actual one. [NYT]

• So Google now translates into Yiddish? What a mechiah! [Google]

• The remaining two Iranian hikers, back in New York, insisted they were innocent and were “hostages.” [NYT]