• Egypt’s foreign minister reaffirmed the centrality of the peace treaty with Israel. [AP/WP]

• Meanwhile, the natural gas pipeline in Sinai was blown up. Again. For like the sixth time this year. [JTA/Jewish Journal]

• The new Turkey. (More at 10.) [NYT]

• The Israeli panel convened to respond to tent protesters’ demands came up with an $8 billion plan, which the protest heads immediately rejected as a “blatant insult.” [NYT]

• Did the United States last week at the United Nations lose international prestige, much as it did earlier this year with the S&P downgrade? [Yahoo! The Envoy]

• Rep. Gary Ackerman mulled cutting off Palestinian aid. He’s a Jewish outer-borough Democrat, so there’s a good chance he’s feeling the heat from NY-09. [Haaretz]