Lulav and etrog.(Wikipedia)

Tablet Magazine will be dark until Monday in observance of Sukkot. Here is all our relevant content. Need a sukkah near you? Check here! If you want Bono’s thoughts, go here. If you are in New York and want to maybe get arrested, check out Occupy Wall Street.

• Tablet Magazine contributors Amos and Avi explain why the Shalit deal was a must-make for both Israel and Hamas. [Haaretz]

• A very long exploration of Arab soldiers serving in the IDF. [McSweeney’s]

• In honor of Sukkot, a look at how Jewish architects have shaped American cities. [Jewcy]

• Gideon Rachman has a must-read column on Prime Minister Erdogan, asking whether he will be Turkey’s Lula or Turkey’s Putin. [FT]

• A serial-killing white supremacist couple in California said they chose one of their victims for his Jewish last name. Which was Myers, so, I dunno. [JTA]

• The National Book Awards nominations were released! Some of the lucky few are Jews! [NYT ArtsBeat]

• Israelis are loading up on carbs and not getting enough calcium. What would Dr. Atkins say?! [Haaretz]

• Amar’e in a Star of David necklace. [Gothamist]

• Kevin Youkilis is maybe dating Tom Brady’s sister. Score one for the Tribe! [Deadspin]

• A controversy over a piece of maybe-Nazi-looted art has proved a fundraising boon for one Florida museum. [NYT]

Happy Sukkot!

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