• Members of the Middle East Quartet will meet separately with Israeli and Palestinian leaders next week in the hopes of getting the peace process back on track. Prediction: the peace process won’t get back on track. [Ynet]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu penned a letter to those whose family members were killed by prisoners Israel is about to free. He said he understood their “negative feelings” about the Gilad Shalit deal. [JTA]

• In an interesting twist on the Kaifeng Jews journalistic genre, we catch up with these descendants of Persian traders in Jerusalem. [LAT]

• Nextbook Press’ The Eichmann Trial; Nextbook Press deputy editor Wayne Hoffman’s Sweet Like Sugar; friend-of-The-Scroll Josh Foer’s Moonwalking With Einstein: all are among Heeb’s top ten books of the past year (that would be 5771). [Heeb]

• Onetime basketball star Kenny Anderson now has a gig coaching high school ball—for a Jewish day school. [NYT]

• Rabbi Andy Bachman, to whom attention must be paid (by me, anyway), opposes Occupy Wall Street. Here’s why. [Water Over Rocks]

Occupy Sukkot happened over the chag. NPR reported from Boston. And here, apparently, are police tearing down a sukkah at one demonstration.