An occupier bones up on his trade.(Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

Yes, there are 20 volumes by Chomsky, 11 by Vonnegut, and six each by Naomi Klein and Matt Taibbi. But the People’s Library at Zuccotti Park, which has more than 3,000 donated volumes, also contains works by:

• Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

• Isaiah Berlin.

• Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg by Bloomberg).

• William F. Buckley, Jr. (!—it’s like that scene where Annie has a National Review in her apartment and Alvy makes fun of her).

• Sloane Crosley (2).

• Alan Dershowitz (2!).

• Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

• Irving Howe (Socialism in America and Ashes Out of Hope: Fiction by Soviet Yiddish Writers).

• A.J. Jacobs.

• Primo Levi.

• David Mamet (plays).

• Azar Nafisi.

• Cynthia Ozick (three!).

• Philip Roth (American Pastoral and The Human Stain).

• Ruth Minsky Sender.

• Vladimir Sorokin.

• Leo Strauss.

• Simon Wiesenthal.