Rep. Eric Cantor earlier this month.(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

• Leslie Stahl will join Rep. Eric Cantor’s family for Thanksgiving, as will 60 Minutes cameras; it’s part of Cantor’s broader attempt to soften his image … perhaps in anticipation of a larger national profile. [Politico]

• The Egyptian reporter who interviewed Gilad Shalit after his release claims the Red Cross checked him out first. The Red Cross says she’s a liar. [JTA]

• A toxicology report indicates that Amy Winehouse had an extremely high amount of alcohol in her blood when she died. [Metro]

• The first picture from the nude Dead Sea photo shoot has been released (link in the article). [JTA]

• Ed Koch schmoozes. He’s still got it! And he’s back on Team Obama (for now). [New Jersey Jewish News]

• So the Anti-Defamation League wasn’t really trying to prevent conservative groups from attacking President Obama on Israel, except maybe it was. [JustASC]

‘Melo hoops with Hasidim.