Bieber.(Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

For any very model of a modern major recording artist, the Christmas album is a staple, an artistic indulgence, and a commercial necessity. This goes for those who don’t actually celebrate the holiday. Bob Dylan has his. Carole King is releasing hers this year (I know, so excited). Even Neil Diamond made one. Or two. Actually, three. And so it’s no surprise that 17-year-old megastar Justin Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe drops Tuesday.

… But he couldn’t make room for a single Hanukkah song? Bieber, while not Jewish, says the Shema before every concert; is a favorite with Israelis, including Israeli President (and Nextbook Press author) Shimon Peres; and even has a Hebrew word tattooed on his torso (admittedly, the word in question is “Jesus”).

Anyway, the album promises to be a breakthrough, as Bieber is singing more “seductively” than ever, according to his manager, minor Scroll hero Scooter Braun (né Shmuel ben Eliezer). After all, Braun explained, “vocally, his balls have dropped.”

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