President Obama last weekend.(Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

• President Obama was totally gonna visit Israel that time, but something came up, and now it just seems pointless, you know? [Politico]

• As expected, UNESCO voted to accept the Palestinian Authority as a full member; as expected, the United States pledged to withhold its funding (as required by law). And UNESCO’s only the start. [NYT]

• Israel is reportedly postponing a broader military operation aimed at the people launching rockets from Gaza in order to give Egypt time to mediate a truce. [AP/WP]

• Israel is not an apartheid state, says some guy named Goldstone. [NYT]

• Baruch Lebovits, an ultra-Orthodox rabbi accused of sexual abuse, is out on bail following numerous procedural irregularities in the case against him. [Forward]

• Dimi Reider argues that whistleblower prosecutions are stifling Israel’s free press. [NYT]