• Two ships that left a Turkish harbor bound for Gaza, and carrying more than two dozen activists and humanitarian cargo, have hit international waters. [Mondoweiss]

• Zuccotti Park-related police barricades led to a drastic decline in business for a popular Lower Manhattan kosher eatery, which had to lay off one-third of its workforce. [Fox News]

• Turkey continues to toughen its stance against its neighbor and former ally Syria. [FT]

• After publishing an issue “guest edited” by the Prophet Muhammad, a satirical French weekly’s Paris offices were firebombed. [NYT]

• Since it’s how Rabbi David Nesenoff seems to define himself entirely, he shall heretofore be referred to as the Helenthomaser Rebbe. [Three Village Patch]

• Though officially unaffiliated, yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street-related “Statement Against Smears” was circulated by a senior J Street staffer. [Forward Thinking]

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