• Seven Democratic congresspersons asked President Obama to review current relations with Turkey in light of its “drifting toward confrontation with our closest allies.” Guess what the several congresspersons have in common! [JTA]

• A comprehensive list of what valuable U.N. agencies the United States may be eliminating aid to next. [FP Turtle Bay]

• Stupid Gilad Shalit, going to the beach on Shabbat. Doesn’t he know he’s a pure political pawn and not a human being now? [JTA]

• Was the 7 billionth baby a Jew born in Brooklyn? It’s more plausible than you think! Maybe! [Ditmas Park Blog]

• An Amy Winehouse-Nas duet has emerged. [6 Degrees No Bacon]

• A new biography conclusively shows that Reinhard Heydrich was not, in fact, history’s most self-loathing Jew. [TNR The Book]

Leaves are fallin’ all around.