Presidents Sarkozy and Obama a few days ago.(Markus SchreiberAFP/Getty Images)

• Here are some people giving Presidents Sarkozy and Obama crap for the remarks about Prime Minister Netanyahu: the Anti-Defamation League; Sen. John McCain; Jackson Diehl; the Israeli people.

• Immensely good essay by ace Times reporter Anthony Shadid on Syria, the Assads, and the fear Arab dictators have inflicted on their peoples. [Frontline]

• The famed 1980s New York City graffiti artist who went by “Neo” turns out to have been a cop named Steven Weinberg. [HuffPo]

• An argument for releasing jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. [IHT]

• An essay about trying to conceive when both of you are Tay-Sachs carriers. [Kveller]

• Jewish South Florida gentleman demands more Hannukah-themed stamps. [The Palm Beach Post/Vos Iz Neias?]

The famous (in that world) Nazi-themed episode of Star Trek, complete with a threatened planet called Zeon, will be aired in Germany for the first time. All that’s left are Tribbles!