President Obama today.(Yuri Gripas-Pool/Getty Images)

• Many Jews could abandon President Obama, not over Israel, but over the economy. [NY Jewish Week]

• Today a State Department spokesperson called the IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear weapons program “alarming” and vowed that the United States would pursue further sanctions. [Haaretz]

• An inside look at how the Security Council failed to support the Palestinian bid for membership. (Hint: U.S. opposition was a big deal.) [FP Turtle Bay]

• Mario Batali compares bankers to Hitler. Predictors estimate that his inevitable apology will be sincere but a bit showy and stuffed with too many ingredients. [Grub Street]

• Want a good reason for not attacking Iran? Aaron David Miller has five. [FP/JI Daily]

• Posters for the new Tintin movie in Beirut have the director’s name blacked out. Some guy named Spielberg. [The Jewish Chronicle]

Elliott Gould was a friend to Groucho Marx when the latter was on his deathbed. What a mensch. And resourceful!