The march yesterday. Assemblyman Dov Hikind is in the center.(Eric Michael Johnson/NYT)

• Two days after a horrific episode of anti-Semitic vandalism in Midwood, Brooklyn, elected officials and protesters—including some who aligned themselves with Occupy Wall Street—marched against the hate. [NYT]

• The Arab League has suspended Syria; it can now impose sanctions on the Assad family and encourage member-states to withdraw their ambassadors (as some have already done). [Reuters/JPost]

• After delaying its transfer in response to the Palestinian Authority’s successful bid to join UNESCO, Israel is expected to hand over some $100 million in tax revenues. [Haaretz]

• A suspicious blast at a weapons depot in Tehran destroyed several missiles and killed 17, including a major Iran weapons developer. Word on the street is Israel was involved. [Time]

• After last week’s Iranian nuclear report, Israel is leading from way behind in the push for a new round of sanctions on the Islamic Republic. [NYT]

• Despite the forthcoming elections, it increasingly looks like Egypt’s military rulers intend to hold on to power for longer than was previously thought. [WP]