• Israel’s military chief of staff warns that an Israel military operation in Gaza, where violence is escalating, may become necessary at some point, probably sooner rather than later. [NYT]

• Israeli officials are said to be looking into a 1954 immigration law in order to detain illegal immigrants from Africa. [WSJ]

• Members of the Occupy Judaism movement say Bloomberg’s clearing out Zuccotti Park was not a very Jewish or American thing to do. [JPost]

• A hearing today—opposed by the U.S. and German governments, plus the Anti-Defamation League—will decide if European insurance companies must list all prewar Jewish policies and then pay up. [Jewish Chronicle]

• “Jackie Hoffman’s a Chanukah Charol.” That is all. [Arts Beat]

• Looks like Bruce Springsteen will head to Tel Aviv for a concert—his first ever in Israel—this summer. Boss. [Tourist Israel]