Gary Shteyngart(Gabrielle Reed and Christian Lazen-Bernardt; and Michael K. Mills)

• According to Iran’s armed forces chief of staff, last Sunday’s blast at a military base in Iran occurred while the Revolutionary Guard was working on a weapons research program intended for use against Israel. [Haaretz]

• A suspect was arrested in Friday night’s shooting at the White House. He reportedly has a tattoo that says ‘Israel’ on his neck. [CNN]

• Someone stole all 46 looks from Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 collection, which was being transported from Paris to London for a press showing tomorrow. Talk about a fashion emergency. [Telegraph]

• Gary Shteyngart (and others) gives a glimpse of his bookshelf. [Financial Times]

• Tablet contributor Vanessa Davis has an illustration in the second issue of food and writing journal Lucky Peach. See: The Hot Brown. [McSweeney’s]

• The JTA Archive blog is campaigning to name one of the eight baby penguins at the Central Park Zoo “Akhbar the Lion,” and it’s apparently not the first time they’ve tried something like this. [JTA Archive]